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The interiors landscape is changing: style in partnership with sustainability is no longer a pipe dream or privilege of the elite, it's something we must all consider. To that end, our professional upcycler members have made an art of taking what people waste and turning it into what they want. They work in a unique, highly creative and professional way, producing statement pieces which are heirlooms for the future, uniting a design conversation from the past with one from the present. Take a look around our website (link through to the Directory website to see more of our members work) and if we can help with interior upstyling, events, commissions, sourcing a specific item of designer upcycling, media enquiries or something else, we look forward to hearing from you.

EUSAC Membership
has arrived

If you're a professional upcycler for interiors working in Europe or the USA this is now the platform for you too

Find out more about our members, their upcycling styles and products, where they're located and how by incorporating designer-upcycling you can create a haven of eco chic. Click on any of our members names below or visit our sister website:



The Upcycler Workshops
  • 3 upcycling experts

  • 3 different upcycling genres

  • 3 different UK locations (+++)

  • 1 day with our master upcyclers

  • Take your skills home or sign-up for advanced classes to elevate your upcycling to a professional level

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