Malphor Stencilled Chest of Drawers 2020

Malphor Oxfrodshire

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The Directory of Upcyclers, the Showroom together with Kitchen Painting, Reclaimed Wood Cabinetry and other Interiors services, can now be found on a separate website, so click through and visit the only website where premium upcycling created by some of the UK and Ireland's foremost upcyclers can be found - all in one place. Whether you are looking for lighting, home accessories, furniture or art, visit the Directory of Upcyclers website showcases the unique, the individual and the inspirational, all in partnership with sustainability.

Upcycled Dining Chairs from Ethan & Grac

Ethan & Graces Cheshire

The House of Upcycling offers a unique membership opportunity to professional upcyclers. If you are creating items for interiors, are registered with HMRC or Companies House, have been producing quality upcycling for at least 12 months and are actively selling and/or taking commissions, we'd like to hear from you. There's no better time to join our professional community as we are about to launch our Peer to Peer Program and Creative Conversation mentorship opportunities to help elevate your business as well as your upcycling, even higher.

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Blu Avery Designs Cornwall

 the british institute of   interior design 

The House of Upcycling is an Industry Partner of the British Institute of Interior Design; click the BIID logo and learn more about the work of our nine 2020-21 BIID Ambassadors:

- Blu Avery Designs Cornwall

- Colour Me KT Hertfordshire

- Copper & Ash Greater Manchester

- Done Up North West Yorkshire

- Lollipop Interiors SW London

- Roc Studio, Edinburgh Scotland

- Siren Designs Dorset

- Sue Gifford Design Cork Ireland

- Webb and Gray Kent                                               

Trash Furniture Nest of Tables.png

Roc Studio Edinburgh Scotland

Image by Joshua Davis

Every business needs a little help and receiving support from experts in their field is a unique opportunity with enormous  benefits. Small business owners have to be their own marketing guru, creative director, film maker, brand manager and accountant. With our new mentoring program -  Creative Conversations - we offer professional upcyclers access to the expertise that has taken our mentors many moons to acquire. Creative Conversations begin with just that, a conversation between Chris Billinghurst, founder of the House of Upcycling and the expert, filmed live on Instagram, uploaded to IGTV. Our experts will then be available for short or longer term face-to-face education and inspiration programs via our website.



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Within our Membership we have some incredibly talented people - not just talented in their capacity as professional upcyclers but talented in other areas of their business too. Our Peer-to-Peer program is about helping to guide those who are current Members or who have applied for Membership, by providing support, inspiration and knowledge from a creative who is already working professionally. Our Peer to Peer Program is about seeing things with new eyes, learning new ways to create a successful professional upcycling business, and perhaps operating from a different perspective. Each month we will be adding to our Peer-to-Peer program, helping those working in the upcycling industry to upcycle their business practices too.

The House of Upcycling Industry Partners

Our Industry Partners, whether sole traders or larger organisations, provide high quality products and services to the professional upcycling industry, striving to operate their businesses in partnership with the environment and wellbeing.  Email us if you are interested in becoming an Industry Partner.  CLICK IMAGE TO BE REDIRECTED. 


A Local


Eco Printing Company

located in East Sussex

Evergreen Insurance Services

Supporting our natural world with every policy

Rascal & Roses Interior Design

Contemporary country designs in tune with the natural world

Used Kitchen Exchange

Wide choice of luxury kitchens kind to your pocket & the environment

Bridge View.png

Bomber County Courier

UK-wide courier service for professional upcyclers

Frenchic Paint

Eco positive paint perfect for upcycling


Wide range of classical & contemporary designs and stunning wood panels

Whitsons Paint

Paint & products for the professional surface decorator

Eco Solutions Products.png

Eco Solutions

Eco friendly surface preparation products


Grapenstone Paint

Setting new standards in environmental protection

Twitter Logo.png

The Upholstery Shop UK

All the novice and experienced upholster needs in one online store

Image by Charles Forerunner

Industry Partners

Interested in becoming an Industry Partner? Click logo to email us 

The House of Upcycling hosts online discussions for innovation, inspiring and to share the creative feel-good factor that illuminates and permeates our Membership. Join House of Upcycling Founder Chris Billinghurst and Members of the House of Upcycling Tuesday at 1245pm live on Instagram.  A different Member will host the live each week with the conversation saved to their IGTV account.


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