As the UK's leading authority and resource centre for professional upcycling for interiors, The House of Upcycling raises awareness of the economical, environmental and aesthetic benefits of professional upcycling, inspiring people to buy, commission or learn how to upcycle in the professional way, giving their interiors a dynamic, original and more sustainable 21st century appeal. Many things have changed in the world of professional upcycling since the House of Upcycling launched in 2014 as #UpcycledHour, not least of which is the number of artisans who are now working in the industry (both full and part-time) so our work elevating the standards and status of the craft is as necessary in 2021 as it was seven years ago. 

Becoming a Member of The House of Upcycling is a unique opportunity to join a professional community like no other. We accept applications from professional artisans working in any genre of upcycling as long as their creations are for interiors and fall within the furniture refinishing, upcycled lighting, art, decorative items and home accessories categories. 


If you are interested in becoming a Member, please see the three categories available detailed below.  If an application is successful but no vacancy exists, the applicant's name will be placed on our waiting list. If an application is unsuccessful, applicants are offered the opportunity to be mentored by one or more of our Members, who have expertise in the area or areas which require elevation. Once an application is accepted, the annual fee is due to complete the process. 



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£80 plus £35 registration fee​​ | TOTAL £115 PA 

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£120 plus £35 registration fee​​ | TOTAL £155 PA 

HoU Elite Membership 2021-2.png


£65 plus £35 registration fee​​ | TOTAL £100 PA 

HoU Intermedial Membership 2021-2.png


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 Membership Application Form

Thank you for your submission. Please allow up to 14 working days for us to process your application