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Our membership application system for 2022-3 is now closed. Details about 2023-4 membership will be uploaded to this page toward the end of the year, with the 2023-4 application system opening on Monday 2 January 2023.  In the meantime, if you would like your details placed on our membership application waiting list, please complete the form below.

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Your details will be placed on our membership 2023-4 waiting list. We will contact you toward the end of the year.



Whether you are a member of the House of Upcycling or not, maintaining business momentum, knowing what the end goal looks like and how to achieve your objectives will bring you one step closer to creating the business that first inspired you to become a professional upcycler. The InSight short course is designed to help artisans find their focus, evaluate their practice and formulate a plan that they thoroughly understand because they will have created it. InSight is open to anyone who works in the professional upcycling industry no matter what genre of the craft they undertake whether its upcycling furniture, lighting, art or home accessories or whether they have been in business for a decade or their business is under a year old. If you are interested in learning more about our programme, please complete the form below.

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