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If you're a professional upcycler you'll want to be a member of the House of Upcycling - we don't micro manage our members businesses, we'd rather celebrate their individuality as a creative SME and support ingthem from behind the scenes. Membership means benefitting from the opportunities our organisation can offer as the leading authority of its kind. Alongside the expanse of knowledge our members share in our Forum and the array of other benefits that are always on offer, if you are a pro upcycler, it's the place to be.

You're A Professional

Establish your place within the Professional Upcycling for Interiors
Industry and be recognised as an expert in your field  by joining the only authority of its kind

1 November 2023

To become a member of the House of Upcycling you must:

  • be registered with HMRC or Companies House for taxation purposes. If applying from outside the UK, please let us know which income tax assessment body you pay tax to

  • Work professionally to high standard (references may be required)

  • Regularly take commissions and/or sell via shops (physical/online) or own website

  • Host a professional website

Once you have applied using our form below, please allow 5 working days for us to respond. Making an application does not automatically entitle you to membership - if we do not feel you are not quite ready to become a member we will offer advice on how to elevate your business so that you are in a position to to re-apply. 

Click the PDF logo above to open the Membership Benefits Comparison Chart 2023-4.


Elite Level 

for master upcyclers

FEE £139.99 per annum

One-off £40 Registration Fee Applies 

Annual Renewal Fee £99.99


Classic Level 

for expert upcyclers incl EUSAC

FEE £99.99 per annum


One-off £40 Registration Fee Applies 

Annual Renewal Fee £59.99

Application Form

Business Support

business support

BUSINESS CONSULTATIONS: All members of the House of Upcycling are offered an hour's consultation with founder Chris Billinghurst when they first join. After the initial online meeting, dependent upon level of membership, an hour's free discussion via Zoom with Chris is available from three to eight times a year.

CPD DAYS: New for 2023 - Continuing Professional Development Days. Offered to both members of The House of Upcycling as well as professional upcyclers working in the wider community. To include:

  • workshops covering vital creative business skills including furniture styling and photography

  • social media management, SEO and website building

  • visits to places of historic, design or craft skill interest

  • access to other professionals' creatives studios 

  • tutelage in other elements of running a business including marketing, accountancy, branding etc

INSIGHT: A programme of discussions with our founder to help professional artisans take their business forward in a controlled and manageable way. If you are interested in the InSight Programme, further information is provided below.

the only business support programme specifically catering to the needs of the professional upcycler. Whether new to the industry or looking to revitalise your business, a House of Upcycling member or not, try InSight for size. Click here to leave your details to receive more information on the InSight course.


CPD Days



Being a professional upcycler means acquiring a high-level creative skill set as well as knowing how to run your business efficiently. CPD - Continuing Professional Development - is key to maintaining your success and giving your business the best opportunity for longevity. Our CPD Days offer the opportunity to learn from the experts, gain confidence and enrich your business experience and are offered to members and professional upcyclers from the wider community. Click here and leave your details for our waiting list and be first to hear what we are planning!

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