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Green Leaves

Sustainability Statement

The UK has signed the requirement to achieve net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, bringing this into law. If achieved, we will become resource efficient, living and working in harmony with nature. But confusion around the subject of what net zero actually is, the meaning of acronyms such as ESG and the word of the moment - sustainability - abounds. Living and working in a sustainable manner isn't something we do naturally because the information is not always clear and the effort can sometimes all seem too much. We must however keep aware of the affect our actions are having on the environment and how we can be eco-positive as a matter of course, not just occasionally but every single day.

What do we do in the House of Upcycling office to reduce our impact on the planet's delicate eco system? We run a paperless office, avoid using business cards, leaflets etc when we take part in events, turn computers and lights off when not in use, engage sleep mode when leaving a computer running during the day and reduce screen brightness to lessen energy consumption, take public transport, reuse packaging and event accessories (mostly purchased secondhand), encourage our members to work in a sustainable way by choosing products that don't add to their carbon footprint (or impact on their wellbeing or on their clients) which are produced in the UK by company's that have an active and effective sustainability programme and generally to reuse, recycle or upcycle whatever and wherever we can. Almost every day we learn a new way to make our lifestyle more sustainable and sharing these tips and tricks is all part of the value of being involved with our creative community.

Being sustainable is an ongoing story, it never ends and there is no one solution that fits all. All we can do is take baby steps forward and be aware of how we are impacting on our precious world and importantly, how we can lessen that impact at every stage of the design, make and remake process. As the saying goes, there is no Planet B.

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