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Welcome to the Corporate Services page. Here you can find more information about how the House of Upcycling can enrich your employees, contractors, business partner and affiliates experience of your business and elevate your organisation's style and sustainability kudos.

Let professional upcycling bring 21st century creative magic to your business ...

- Talks & Demos
- Team Building Days
- Office Parties
- PR Events

Whether you're a business wanting to introduce your employees to an innovative team building experience, require speakers to inspire with talks about how professional upcycling is uniting style with sustainability and becoming the craft of the century, the office party needs sustainability-shaped sparkle or your next PR event needs craft workshops, get in touch with the House of Upcycling. We can organise your requirements in total or direct you to the right artisan to take things forward and make your event a memorable one for all the right reasons. 

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The Professionals

Looking for a professional upcycler who can create a workshop event or course of classes or require a full day's team building choreographed to include upcycling as a mechanism for employee engagement? Get in touch with the House of Upcycling. We cover a wide range of areas of the UK, and our talks and upcycling, restoration and craft skills bring a uniquely modern flavour to business events and promotion days.

From small business to large corporates, we offer a range of options to help fulfil your company's enrichment programme, entertainment initiative or PR campaign. Our tutors comprise experienced professional upcyclers and workshop hosts who can demonstrate their skills, talk about their craft, their business and how upcycling reduces our carbon footprint all of which introduce a highly individual flavour to your event. We can also offer talks on the history of professional upcycling for interiors and upcycled interior design and are also happy to arrange in-house market and sales days.

Chris Billinghurst

Founder of the House of Upcycling, Chris Billinghurst supports a talented team of professional artisans, curating and delivering bespoke programmes to cater to client requirements. An experienced eco interiors educator and speaker, Chris offers a variety of talks and presentation options, hosts panel discussions and Q and A's as well as running team days and entertainment programmes, all with a focus on professional creative reuse for interiors.

The House of Upcycling

The UK's leading authority on professional upcycling for interiors, the House of Upcycling came into being at the end of 2018, rebranding from #UpcycledHour, the world's leading Twitter hour for pro upcyclers, created in 2014. HOU offers a unique range of services and artisan introductions to its corporate clients, all centred around how creative reuse can improve our relationship with the environment, be a positive economic choice and encourage creativity and individuality in an extraordinary human-centric way. Please contact us at to request further information.

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