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You've had to learn a lot since starting your professional upcycling business, including skills you never thought you needed before becoming a business owner.  Running a creative business requires a great many attributes from the practical to the instinctive, which is where guidance from those in the know - who have already been there and read the book - is invaluable.

Watch out for our last Friday of the month lives at 1230 on Instagram with the House of Upcycling Founder Chris Billinghurst and a guest expert, when they will discuss their business, their values, their skills and their successes. From copywriting to pod casting, intuitive art to social media, photography to branding, gain insight into all those areas of business that have left you feeling out of the know. Then visit this page and book your own private bitesize support session with them. There is no better time to reset, relearn and feel in control of your unique ability to mastermind a thriving and successful creative business.


Artist Sally-Anne Ashley is an intuitive abstract expressionist, working from her studio on the Essex coast. Her art is created through layers of paint, collage and textiles, returning to hand embroidery when she needs to slow things down. Her inspiration stems from an intuitive place, with ideas drawn from life and personal experiences, conveyed through text, gestural marks and abstracted shapes.

Join Sally-Anne for a one-hour creative inspiration bitesize and business support session during which she will share with you how she frees her creative mind to produce pieces of art which can be colourful or monochrome, are always vibrant, challenging and fascinating and totally unique. Whether you are a professional upcycler, artist or other kind of creative, Sally-Anne can help release your creative aspirations and work from a more personal and original place.

Once payment is received, we will contact you to arrange your one hour online bitesize creative inspiration session with Sally-Anne Ashley. 

Creative Inspiration Hour with Artist Sally-Anne Ashley

Sally-Anne will share details of her creative journey which led to her becoming a professional artist. She will discuss how nurturing your intuitive side can free you from any creative constraints you may have unknowingly imposed upon yourself. She will talk about her artwork and the processes she uses and how she has gained the confidence to start her creative business and used social media to great effect. Sally-Anne will also discuss overcoming designer's block, how to elevate your presence on Instagram, engaging in collaborations, image building and more. She will help you put a methodology in place that can provide a constant source of inspiration.

PR: hester grainger PR 

With over 20-years experience in the PR arena, Hester Grainger is now offering her wealth of knowledge to support sole traders and SMEs running creative businesses, with an hour-long inspiration and education session to help them develop a successful, bespoke PR strategy that really works. During the bitesize support hour, Hester will guide business owners toward a greater understanding of what PR actually is and how it can work for their brand and help them to nail their own PR.

Join Hester for a one-to-one online conversation that provides the small creative business owner with an enhanced awareness of their brand's story, recognising what makes it different, how to be media-ready and how to share their narrative with confidence; there's no better time to start your PR journey.  

Once payment is received, we will contact you to arrange your one hour online bitesize business support session with Hester Grainger PR. 

Public Relations Coaching with writer, broadcaster and PR expert Hester Grainger

During this PR inspiration session, Hester will take her small creative business owners on a voyage from PR novice to PR enthusiast. Drawing upon her own experience of creating one of the UK's most unique boutique PR agencies, she will discuss how best to interpret the story behind a business from a PR perspective. With her impressive wealth of PR wisdom, Hester will nurture a better understanding of what a businesses' commercial image is and how to gain inspiration to write a pitch that journalists cannot ignore. Our bite-size PR session offers small creative business owners a greater insight into the purpose of PR and how to use it successfully to secure opportunities that will take their brand from invisible to sought after.


Professional photographer Sean Jefferies is based in Cork, Ireland although he works with clients from all around the globe.  He has been passionate about his craft for as long as he can remember and prides himself on capturing life-long photographic memories for his clients as well as providing a product photography service to uniquely reflects a brand's identity.

Running an award-winning practice involves Sean in a variety of photography genres including weddings, portraiture and commercial projects. Sean works closely with all his clients to establish a successful business relationship that allows him to portray products and people alike, to reflect the image they wish to portray as well as bringing out their unique qualities. The commercial aspect of his business has included working with a number of well-known brands although Sean provides the same high level service and attention to detail whether the business is a large corporate or a creative sole trader. 

Once payment is received, we will contact you to arrange your one hour online bitesize business support session with Sean Jefferies Photography. 

Product Photography Coaching with Photographer Sean Jefferies  

Sean Jefferies will not only help the creative sole trader or SME to take great photographs of their products, he will work with them to produce imagery which truly reflects their brand uniqueness in a world where image & individuality are kings of branding. Working online from his studio, Sean will share his photography tips and tricks, answer any questions - even demonstrating live some of the answers - and provide a launch pad for a portfolio of product images that will be both original and of great quality plus suggestions for how to take a great image of the business owner too. High resolution photographs are mandatory for anyone in business who wants to up their game, a must-have for media promotion. Book a bitesize photography support session that will truly inspire as well as connect you with your inner photographer.


With over a decade's experience of working in the professional furniture upcycling industry, as well as being a High Street and online retailer, business educator, experienced  Facebook coach and an award-winning creative who is one half of the partnership bringing the UK's first professional furniture painters conference to fruition in 2021, Sarah Pelley is perfectly placed to guide professional upcyclers in how to take their businesses forward with confidence.

Passionate about empowering others working within the industry, Sarah's coaching sessions are all about creating a positive environment where the business owner can tap into how they can reach their fullest professional potential.  Her wealth of experience from developing a Facebook business page with a following of 30,000 plus, to creating live video content on Facebook and YouTube to working with a leading mineral paint brand as a social media consultant has placed her in a unique position to inspire and inform. So whether you're interested in adjusting your Facebook social media strategy, speaking publicly, making more of your marketing, re-designing your workshop promotions or becoming a paint and decorative product retailer, Sarah's experience and contagious enthusiasm for business is sure to provide support, inspiration and guidance required.

Once payment is received, we will contact you direct to arrange your one hour online bitesize business support session with Sarah Pelley.

Business  Development Coaching with Sarah Pelley

A bitesize business development session with Sarah Pelley will offer you practical solutions to a variety of business issues as well as help you to gain access to a positive business mindset.

Not only a highly successful social media consultant and avid supporter of small businesses, Sarah is also the face of Home Revival Interiors. As both a High Street shop and online facility, Home Revival Interiors has afforded Sarah a wealth of experience as a business owner, artisan, marketer and retailer.

With a lively professional mind and a unique business style, Sarah has inspired dozens of professional upcyclers and provided them with solutions to their business dilemmas. During her 60-minute online support session, she offers a very special one-to-one opportunity aimed at increasing your confidence as a sole trader and developing workable business strategies.