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Still Life Photography
olive & whyte upcycled vanity unit 2020 lr_edited.jpg


Bring design and eco originality to your bathroom, en-suite or cloakroom with upcycled vanity units.


Image: Olive & Whyte

Still Life Photography


Reclaimed wood cabinetry and wall panelling introduces a new and exciting element to interiors.


Image: Raw Home

Raw Home Reclaimed Oak Door Fitted Wardrobe 2018.png
Still Life Photography
No 21 Bespoke Interiors _ Painted Kitchen _ 2021 _ Low Res.png


Choose your colour and let our artisans create a unique kitchen minus the inconvenience to you and the environment and the cost. 


Image: No. 21 Bespoke Interiors

Still Life Photography


Have you unwanted items of furniture, decor or textiles our professionals could use? Get in touch, we may be able to re-home them for upcycling.


Image: Condover Furniture 

Condover Furniture _ Upcycling Furniture _ 2021 _ Low Res.png
Still Life Photography
Thrift Shop


Need a unique piece of professional upcycling sourced, want an item located for an upcycling design you've got in mind or need to find a professional upcycler to carry out an extra special commission? Contact the House of Upcycling and we'll be happy to connect you to the right artisan ... free of charge.

Still Life Photography


Maximum effect, minimum impact, the ethos behind our upcycled interior design service. Contact us to find out how it works beautifully for our clients as well as the environment.

Image: The House of Upcycling

upcycled living room design.png

Let us know how we can help

Drop us a line with details of your requirements and we'll get back to you within 48-hours

Services detailed above are carried out by the House of Upcycling members as well as the House of Upcycling itself. Once a recommendation to use a crafts person has been made, the responsibility for suitability of product or crafts person, quality of work created or carried out, costs, deliveries, reliability of product or crafts person or any other element of a purchase, commission or contract engaged in, is the responsibility of the client and not the House of Upcycling who act only as an agent to fulfil a request.
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