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January 2024: Buy Nothing New Month

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After all the spending that occurs each December, January is historically the month where people not only reduce their alcohol and calorie intake, they also reduce their spending as well. So it seemed appropriate that it was the month that Keep Britain Tidy decided to run a 'Buy Nothing New Month' campaign.

The House of Upcycling is always happy to support the work of charities when we can and so we were pleased to collaborate with KBT in this most relevant and interesting project. It also gave yours truly the opportunity to work closely with four of House of Upcycling members which is always a pleasure and demonstrates just how talented these people are outside the realm of professional upcycling.

I remember well as a child their litter picking campaigns of the 60s but things have changed over the years and their campaigns now have a more 21st century bias with KBT working toward 'Improving the environment on your doorstep'.

So it was that HOU members Sue Gifford (, Liz Clarkson (, Zara Bonser (www.mysanctuaryno.8) and Lisa White ( created a video each, featuring a piece of furniture they had taken from tired and out of date, to fresh and fashionable. Keep Britain Tidy shared the videos on their Instagram account during 'Furniture Week', as did HOU to our Instagram, Facebook and YouTube accounts. We received some great responses, a flurry of new followers as well as seeing some really interesting posts from a range of other Buy Nothing New Month supporters as well.

Here's a full length video featuring all four films, demonstrating just how taking something you already own, using your creative and practical expertise and a little upcycling magic, can save money, save waste and brighten up your home into the bargain.

Have a great rest of January, hopefully by the next post it will be a little warmer!

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