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July 2023: Going Circular ...

Welcome to the Vlogcycler, a series of videos and articles with an upcycling and interiors theme, maybe even a little about my other passions of art and fashion as well. Yours truly, ChrisB of the House of Upcycling, will attempt to upload words and videos once a month (I say 'attempt' because the spirit is willing but sometimes the clock isn't) featuring all kinds of people and things. The agenda is open to anything that inspires me but more importantly, anything that inspires you.

This first post features a video used as part of a presentation for the BIID (British Institute of Interior Design). Several BIID Industry Partners (of which the House of Upcycling is one) shared their presentations with BIID interior designer members on the subject of the circular economy. House of Upcycling expert upcyclers (and three of this year's eight House of Upcycling BIID Industry Partner Ambassadors) Sue Gifford, Carrie Webb and Nicky Cash contributed their own individual pieces to camera. The whole video went down extremely well with the audience, who then asked lots of questions and were genuinely impressed with the items of professional upcycling they had seen and the words of our members.

So what's your thoughts on the circular economy? It is just more yawn-worthy sustainability drivel or something we need to know more about? Sometimes living a more eco positive life can seem (delete as appropriate) too much trouble/overwhelming/not easy to maintain but as with anything, taking baby steps each day and making those steps part of a regular routine can and will change things for the better.

And if you have any ideas for the next Vlogcycler episode, love to hear your suggestions.

Thanks all, have a good July.


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