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skill schools


Running an upcycling business is a unique experience but its a business all the same so whether you are at the beginning of your life as a sole trader or are runnng an established organisation, taking part in one of our Business School workshops will not only help you to learn about the different aspects of professional life as a creative reuse artisan, but it will also introduce you to some inspiring people; we never employ professional speakers but rather speakers who are professionals in their own line of work whether that is as an interior designer, a blogger, a photographer, an accountant, social media expert or other trade. Our workshops also offer the opportunity to get to know your fellow attendees and build business relationships away from social media.


Our Associates run a wide variety of skill workshops throughout the UK and Ireland. Whether you are a proficient upcycler or starting from scratch, there are workshops to cater for every level and the different skills the craft of upcycling requires. Associates host workshops that will teach you how to create upcycled lighting, to paint furniture, to reupholster, french polishing, decoupage and even turning magazines into collage art. If you would like to organise a bespoke workshop for a celebration or corporate team building day, find the upcycler and the type of class you would like and get in touch.  If you require a corporate event to  include a variety of upcycling skill workshops, please contact The House of Upcycling direct and we will be pleased to assist.