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partners & friends

Like any business, we can't do it alone. We rely on our community as they do on our organisation, for support, advice, knowledge and more besides. We work together in a professional, positive and innovative way that leads to new opportunities for all and benefits our working lives.


And so three years ago, The House of Upcycling created a new area of the business where we welcome business partners and friends to our world. House Friends are all kinds of people with an interest in our organisation: they may have worked in the professional upcycling industry and are now taking a break or are working in an allied industry where upcycling for interiors is a large part of their lives or another genre of upcycling such as fashion or the building industry. And of course we also have our Charity Partners (including Social Enterprises and CIC's). These organisations are working hard to change the fate of many of those in our societies who are under-privileged and simply need what we all take for granted, a safe place to live, food to eat, skills so that they can find work and a community to support them through the tough times.

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