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Vicky Myers

Sophie Prescott

Pippa Selby

Even if you aren't a professional upcycler, you can still be part of The House of Upcycling community. If you're an ex-member, professional blogger, journalist, tv presenter or crafts person who includes upcycling in your professional work or a professional upcycler working in a different area of the craft, join us as a Friend. Click here to be redirected for more information.

jacqui joseph


Jacqui Joseph is  well-known as a TV Presenter and Producer often appearing on programmes such as Lorraine, Do The Right Thing and on the QVC channel. But her career began with fashion design. She worked in the industry for five years before becoming a model and creating her own mini fashion label selling women's and children’s clothes to local boutiques and London markets. Her father was a decorator and her mother a seamstress, so both parents provided Jacqui with the inspiration and influence to fuel a love of creativity. Her parents taught her many skills including how to sew, wallpaper, paint walls and all manner of other DIY skills. Together with her background in fashion design and love of colour, textiles, trimmings and interior design trends, its no surprise she continues to create products as well as support other artisans via her website: Jacqui Joseph Designs. Products designed by Jacqui include cushions, lampshades and one of a kind upcycles for a unique and personalised home environment. Jacqui sources fabric from around the world and loves using vintage textiles for extra eco chic appeal.

email: click here

vicky myers


Growing up, Vicky Myers was fortunate to have adults in her life who encouraged her to try new crafts and express her creative side and she learnt many skills ranging from sewing to lace bobbin making. After school she studied for an HND in Crafts, but often struggled with feeling that craft was too self-absorbed and so once she graduated, so chose to work in the public sector rather than follow a career in the creative industry. Now married with two children and working part-time in the public sector, she has created a unique platform where she shares her talent as a gifted crafter and brings upcycling and many other forms of creativity to the public in her own individual way. Vicky believes crafting and upcycling doesn't need to cost the earth, so her website is full of inspiration for the maker to create things for the home, garden and fashion and how to live a greener lifestyle. 


sophie prescott



Sophie Prescott is a multi-talented lady who works as a television presenter, journalist, blogger and stylist, specialising in all things craft including upcycling, with a particular emphasis on creating items for the home, family and a modern lifestyle. Sophie is often seen alongside the ITV This Morning team as their Craft and Interiors Styling Expert. She is commissioned to devise unique and easy-to-create items for the public to be inspired by, whether its an upcycled kitchen for children or decorations for celebrations and festivities. She freely admits that much of her life is spent being covered with glue and glitter! Sophie lives in Essex with her husband and young son and has supported The House of Upcycling with talks about cohesive branding and working with the media. Her mission in life is to get the UK crafting, not just for the fun of it but because of the great wellbeing benefits too. Sophie also gained a wealth of experience whilst working on leading interiors magazine Your Home as a staff journalist before moving onto television and providing creative content for numerous different brands.


pippa selby

SE London


Pippa Selby has been an associated of The House of Upcycling for several years. She previously worked as a professional upcycler and now is a House Friend. As well as being a talented upcycler, she is also a skilled photographer, composer and singer. Her home style shows a penchant for the uniquely retro, curated with lots of wit, whimsy and individuality. Pippa is also a rather extraordinary young woman in that she lives with a longterm chronic condition and believes that her disability shouldn't have to equal a life less-lived. Diagnosed with PoTS and EDS after the birth of her first child seven years ago, Pippa is currently taking a break from the commercial world after the birth of her second child last year. Make sure you follow her vibrant and creative Instagram account which chronicles her life with children and partner Jay Morris, a professional videographer and director, for a wonderfully curated and intimate insight into the world of a young family living in the suburbs of London. You can also find examples of Pippa's creative work and upcycling on her Twice Upon A Time Instagram account - click here

Contact Pippa via Instagram

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