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You have to learn a lot in business and that includes skills you never thought you needed before becoming a business owner beckoned.  But its impossible to be good at everything and guidance from those in the know who have been there, done that so you don't have to, is invaluable. Each month we will feature experts in their field, starting with an IGTV conversation after which you will have the opportunity of booking a private education and inspiration session - one hour online in a one-to-one creative conversation of your own. From copywriting to pod casting, accounts to social media, you can gain an insight into all those areas of business that have left you feeling out of the know. Watch our social media accounts for news of the launch date.

Photography for Social Media

Creative Conversation coming soon 

Copy Writing 

Creative Conversation coming soon

Pod Casting

Creative Conversation coming soon


Professional upcycling is not only a new 21st century concept, its practitioners are having to learn new business skills along the way to success which is why engaging with a peer creative - who not only excels at upcycling but also in other areas of business - is of such value. Our new Peer to Peer Program will offer current Members of the House of Upcycling as well as those who have recently applied for membership, the opportunity to learn from professional upcyclers or to simply be inspired by a new way of dealing with old business issues. Our Members will share their knowledge on different areas of running a professional upcycling business, with new Peer to Peer Programs featured each month.  Watch our social media accounts for news of the launch date.


Styling for Social Media

Peer to Peer Program coming soon 

Becoming A Paint Retailer

Peer to Peer Program coming soon

Wix Website Development

Peer to Peer Program coming soon

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