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Launchpad: Biz Guide for Beginners (Pro Upcycling)

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Ready to achieve your professional upcycling for interiors business goals? Join our two-part business support series hosted by House of Upcycling founder Chris Billinghurst. Lean-in on over a decade of knowledge and experience working within the 21st century's fastest growing creative business arena and let Launchpad be your secret weapon to developing a pro upcycling for interiors business that doesn't just survive, it thrives. Our Launchpad programme is divided into two ten-minute videos: 1) Essential elements to create your professional upcycling business (including logo design, choosing a name, creating a brand image, professional working and communications) 2) Essential requirements to become a unique upcycling brand (including skills, product choices, sustainable working, promotion, social media presence and websites) Each ten-minute video will be hosted by House of Upcycling founder Chris Billinghurst and full of tips and tricks for creating a standout professional business. You can pause the video at any time and watch twice over - bring your notepad and remember you can pause, rewind or fast forward the video at will. The Launchpad programme is recommended for artisans interested in joining the professional upcycling for interiors industry as well as pre-business launch upcyclers.




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