In 2014, whilst running her eco interiors style and workshop consultancy Eco Chic Interiors, Chris Billinghurst discovered a hidden movement of artisans creating unique items for interiors in a planet-positive way. Using Twitter to build awareness of her business and create her own directory of professional upcyclers to support her Eco Chic Interiors projects, Chris unearthed a wealth of creative reuse artists who weren't part of a professional craft group, who often felt isolated with no support or community voice or clear understanding of the aesthetic, economic and environmental benefits of their work.In particular, they had no united voice or community support platform. One Tuesday evening in September 2014, Chris launched the Twitter hour #UpcycledHour which became a social media sensation of its time. Over the next three four years #Upcycled Hour evolved to become the UK and Ireland's leading authority on professional upcycling for interiors and in 2019, rebranded to become the House of Upcycling.


#UpcycledHour launch


First #UpcycledHour social event: Newark Nottinghamshire


#UpcycledHour Live Brighton | Membership community created


#UpcycledHour Live Brighton II


Stand & upcycling demonstrations: Handmade Fair

Stage appearance: Grand Designs ExCeL & NEC

Judge (ChrisB): The London Upcycling Show E.London


#UpcycledHour closes | Organisation rebrands

Event Stand: House & Garden Festival Olympia

Event Stand: Grand Designs Live NEC

Course Contributors: KLC School of Design

Industry Partner: British Institute of Interior Design


Product Partner: Design Havens for Heroes

Contributing Partner: De Montford University International Upcycling Symposium


Member Contributors: Saved & Remade BBC2

Contributing Author: De Montford University International Upcycling Symposium Publication

Contributing Author: BIID Sustainability Specification

Community Member: Interior Design Declares


Contributing Partner | De Montford University International Upcycling Research Network