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Welcome to our About page. Read on for more information about how our organisation began, how things are going, where we are headed. And whilst you're here, meet some of our incredible members, the lifeblood of our business.


"Although I'm not exactly shy, I've never aspired to become a celebrity or be recognised for this or for that, but when you have a passion to change the way things happen, it challenges you to step outside your comfort zone and raise your game.

Running the House of Upcycling has always been an incredible experience and we've had many outstanding opportunities since we launched in 2014 as a Twitter (now X) hour . So whilst we're welcoming our ten-year anniversary in September, we'll be celebrating the fact that interest in our organisation and members work remains high so 'keeping out of the sun' is not an option for myself or our professional artisans. We're not only the UK's leading authority on professional upcycling for interiors, we've become change-makers extraordinaire with zero plans to rest on our upcycled laurels!"

If you would like to learn more about yours truly, please click here and visit my Linkedin page.

Chris Billinghurst, (Founder)

2014: #UpcycledHour launches and becomes the premiere networking hour for professional upcyclers for interiors on Twitter over the next four and a half years.

2016:​ #UpcycledHour Live Brighton, the first UK event to showcase and retail professional upcycling for interiors. #UpcycledHour professional membership created.

2017​​: Second #UpcycledHour Live Brighton. #UpcycledHour gains authority status.


2018: Stands, demos and talks at Kirstie Allsopp's Handmade Fair and Grand Designs Live London. Founder ChrisB joins panel of judges at the London Upcycling Show and presents talks about professional upcycling on stage at Grand Designs Live Birmingham together with six member artisans. #UpcycledHour rebrands to become The House of Upcycling.


2019: Stands hosted at the House & Garden Festival Olympia and Grand Designs Live Birmingham. HOU becomes a contributing partner to KLC School of Design interior design courses and the first organisation of its kind to join the British Institute of Interior Design (BIID) as an Industry Partner; founder ChrisB wins the Blue Patch Female Entrepreneur of the Year award.

2020: The House of Upcycling joins Interior Design Declares as one of its first twenty signatories and becomes a product partner of Design Havens for Heroes. Founder ChrisB contributes to DeMontfort University Upcycling Symposium, writing a chapter for 'State of the Art Upcycling' academic publication, joining the International Upcycling Research Network Advisory Board.

2021: Members regularly appearing in television programmes including BBC's 'Money for Nothing' and 'Saved & Remade'. The House of Upcycling contributes to BIID guide on sustainability for interiors and to Grand Designs Live weekend for Self-Build & Renovation and is mentioned on-stage at Decorex, as the leading source of professional upcycling for interiors.

2022: InSight Upcycler Business Support Programme for professional upcyclers created; HOU hosts stands and demos at Design London, Clerkewell Design Week, The Salvaged Home Show, Grand Designs Live Birmingham and London. Founder ChrisB contributes to The Upcycling Summit as part of The Upcycling Festival, Lyon, France. HOU membership extended to professional upcyclers in the USA, Canada and the EU. HOU is again mentioned on-stage during Decorex's design conversation as a key contributor to sustainable interior design.

2023: HOU Founder and members speak and demo at Grand Designs Live London and Birmingham. Founder ChrisB becomes an inaugural member of the Women in Furniture professional community and is invited to contribute to the work of the International UKRI Upcycling Research Network Advisory Board, hosted by the Lund University, Sweden. Unprecedented demand for mentoring and business advice from new and would-be professional upcyclers leads to creation of InItiate short course.

2024: HOU became a contributing partner to Keep Britain Tidy's 'Buy Nothing New Month' January campaign, participating in the two-day International Upcycling Festival, at the De Montfort University and being the only authority on professional upcycling for interiors at the Sustainable Design Forum 2024 in April.

Members of The House of Upcycling

Without our members The House of Upcycling would not exist. An incredible arts & crafts movement for the 21st century, our members are creating wonderful pieces of individuality using clever design and advanced craft skills, saving tonnes of furniture and household items, memorabilia and materials from being wasted each year - visit The Director to view their creations. Here are just a few of our talented artisans - click image to be directed to their website.

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